Various works by Tina Spratt

Tina Spratt is a figurative painter based out of the United Kingdom. In 1999, she received her B.A. in illustration from the University of Wolverhampton. However, because of her passion for fine art, she decided to change her professional focus to drawing and painting.

Her work can best be described as snap shots of contemporary life with classical painting influences from Caravaggio,Lucian Freud, and Rembrandt.

Although Tina’s work does draw from the painters of antiquity, she has worked to develop her own personal style and approach. Her style was developed through layering multiple levels and experimenting with limited color palettes. Recently, she has begun to explore the use of texture and mood, in conjunction with the theme of fabric.

Most of Tina’s current work can be viewed on her website but you can find various images scattered throughout the web.

I would love it if Tina had a personal blog. It would be interesting to see a breakdown of her process and peer into her work methods. Let’s cross our fingers and be wishful thinkers, until then you can find more of her work at the links below.


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