Various works by Adam Reeder

These are 2 of the 4 sculptures in the “Socio- technic evolution” series by artist Adam Reeder. They are all based on the concept of “how technology changes the way western culture interacts with it’s world”. To display this, Adam has combined technological objects with Greco-Roman gods, or iconic Greek sculpture. This is because the Greco-Roman period is the root of western civilization. As Adam describes:

My work is not about the change that takes place but the change in interaction, facilitated by technology. The Greek god/ demi god Pan, used a flute which he played in the wood and danced with nymphs. My depiction shows Pan, still dancing as before, but no longer playing his own music. Thus, the technology changes the context, but not the nature.

The next one, Sleeping Gamer, is based on the Sleeping satyr from antiquity. The ancient sculpture of satyr is a powerfully sexual image, the idea being that when this guy wakes up, whoever he sees is in trouble. In my version, that energy is transferred to a video game player. Resting between long periods of game playing, and holding a video game controller in his hand, he will no doubt wake up and keep on playing.

Adam Reeder was born and raised in Los Angeles California to an artist mother, and engineer father. Los Angeles proved to be a valuable lesson in rich and diverse cultures, as well as diverse landscapes.

When Adam was younger he wanted to be a comic book artist. He says that he realized soon after high school he would have to give up that dream if he ever wanted to make money. Ironically, he chose fine art instead. Adam Laughs about that now, realizing the difficulty of making it as a fine artist. But, he says, fine art is what he is meant to do.

Adam started sculpting ten years ago, and sold sculpture while he crawled his way through school. Adam spent several years switching schools, and majors. He went from Art, to Business, to pre-med, back to Art. Eventually, Adam found himself at the San Francisco Academy of art University for Graduate school.

Adam started out painting and drawing, then he realized he had no time to sculpt, which was his passion. Soon after, Adam switched majors and began the sculpting program at The Academy.

Adam credits four artists for helping him learn how to dig deep within himself, to bring meaning to his work. He says that if it were not for Erik Blome, Daniel Burt, Wanxin Zhang, and Peter Schiffrin, he never would have learned to look past a good looking figure study.

Adam says the key to his work is an understanding of anatomy, strong gesture, and good portraits. He also claims it is his ability to focus of his idea more than the actual sculpture, which makes his work strong. Adam says that without a good idea, all you have is just another nude figure.

Adam’s current body of work “Socio- technic evolution” is gaining a good deal of attention. Several articles have been written about this body of work including one in artmarketbolg, cultofmac, and macworld. The images can be seen at Adam’s website, or on his facebook profile.

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  1. akela March 17, 2009 at 10:06 am

    Adam’s work meets a need in this market, bringing together inquisitive pieces with a mix of traditional and modern aspects. Pairing the two ideas is brilliant. It begs the question of our own God like attributes through modern technology. Instant communication and power.
    Great idea. Beautifully portayed.

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