Various works by Aaron Coberly

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White Stripes
Pigeon White earing

Aaron Coberly is a figurative artist based out of Redmond, Washington. Drawing since before he could remember he started taking art seriously after being invited to attend a life drawing class, as a teenager. His time touring Europe helped further inspire his artistic ambitions,eventually taking up oil painting. His work is primarily figurative with a stylistic nod to the Masters and the Impressionist.

I had the pleasure of finding some of Aaron’s work, while reading another artists blog. His website features a lot of his figurative paintings, but his life drawings are what hold my interest. The life drawings are some of the better examples I’ve seen of effectively using limited lines. I’ll take the risk of sounding cliche, but there is a sense of delicate majesty in how he renders each line. Each mark leaves something for the imagination. I don’t know if was due to the time restraints of life drawing or purposeful execution, probably the latter. Whatever the cause the end result is moving.

You can view more of Aaron’s work at the following sites:



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