Nude of the Day Year End Review

Howdy all.

Coming back for an update after a long hiatus.

It’s the Holiday season and I am running a promotion on Nude of the Day. All paintings are up to 50% off!
Nude of the Day Holiday SaleClick on image for details of the Sale.

After long consideration, I’ve decided to raise my prices in the early part of 2010. This is the last sale before the prices go up. So go hog-wild and take advantage of it.

A few days ago I posted my 900th Nude!
Seated Female Nude, Her Right Leg Raised
This was a 40 minute pose painted at a figure drawing session for illustrators organized by my friend Marc Scheff.

And here are some highlights from the last few months:
Seated Female Nude, Leaning Back

Jenny With Pink Hair, Standing In Semi-Profile, Her Left Hand On Her Thigh

Candice, Seated In Profile, Leaning Back

Lillian, Reclining On A Red Cloth

Female Nude, Seated In Profile, Looking Over Her Right Shoulder

Gigi In A Blue Wig, Seated In Profile, Wearing Pink Gloves

And here are a few Nude of the Day Rejects which can be seen on my regular Blog:
Gigi La Femme
Gigi La Femme In A Blue Wig

Main Event
Main Event Looking Back

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