Nude of the Day: Best of January 2009

Howdy all!

Joel asked me to participate over a month ago but I’ve been too busy to post anything until now. I have a daily blog, Nude of the Day, where I post sketches and paintings from figure drawing sessions (most of them from Tuesday and Thursday Jazz & Sketch Sessions at the Society of Illustrators).

Today I posted my 600th nude:

Lillian, Seated Cross-Legged, Wearing Red Sunglasses

Lillian, Seated Cross-Legged, Wearing Red Sunglasses (Detail)

Here are the pieces I consider to be the best of January’s posts:

Candice, Motioning Sleep With Her Clasped Hands

Candice, In Semi-Profile, Looking Up

Bust Of Sara, Looking Left

Reclining Female Nude Looking Up, Left Leg And Torso Raised

Candice, Seated In Reverse, Holding A Stubby Bottle In Her Hands

Male Nude (Ike), Standing In Reverse, Holding A Yellow Cloth Around His Waist

Bunny Love, Seated In Profile, Leaning Back On Her Arms

What do you think?

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  1. Joel Carlo February 4, 2009 at 1:17 pm

    Arkady, you really do have some beautiful watercolor studies. Absolutely gorgeous work. Congrats on your 600th nude by the way!

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