Michelangelo’s Hidden Sistine Chapel Message Discovered

Michelangelo may have hidden a message in his painting of god at the Sistine Chapel. The message, which the church would have considered an act of blasphemy portray’s the human brain hidden in a painting
of god.

The painting in question is The Separation of Light from Darkness in which the lumpy features of god’s neck apparently represents a human brain. It’s a well known fact that Michelangelo was an anatomist and inspired largely by the human body.

Neuroanatomists have not yet speculated as to what the message means, however neurosurgeon R Thomas Fields wrote in Scientific American that it could represent:

“The enduring clash between science and religion,” adding that it could have been a comment on the strained relationship Michelangelo felt between God and the Church “intelligence and observation and the bodily organ that makes them possible lead, without the necessity of Church, directly to God.”

Whatever the message may be, it’s sure to generate plenty of discussion as to the merits of the discover and what it really does truly mean.

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