Various Works by Eran Webber

Eran Webber is a figurative artist born in Israel in 1980, and currently living in Florence, Italy. At the moment, he is studying and teaching at the Florence Academy of Art Sculpting program. To learn more about Eran Webber, please visit his upcoming site atĀ, or through his facebook page.

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The Art of the Potentially Deadly Deal: Marketing Heroin on the Street

The empty glassine packets can be found in Manhattan, Brooklyn and beyond, scattered on streets and sidewalks with only obscure slogans or graphic images to suggest their former use. At one time they contained heroin and the markings stamped on the packets were meant to differentiate strains of varying purity or provenance. To some they [...]

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Various Works by Stephen Pan

These beautiful paintings were created by artist Stephen Pan. Stephen Pan was born into a family that has been renowned in China for artistic talent. At the age of five, his grandfather, Bo Yin Pan, gave him his first lesson in drawing and painting. Although Pan had an intimate relationship with formal Chinese art traditions, [...]

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