Nude of the Day Year End Review

Howdy all. Coming back for an update after a long hiatus. It's the Holiday season and I am running a promotion on Nude of the Day. All paintings are up to 50% off! Click on image for details of the Sale. After long consideration, I've decided to raise my prices in the early part of [...]

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Nude of the Day Updates (June 09)

Howdy everyone, Lots of updates on Nude of the Day. Later this month Nude of the Day will celebrate its two-year anniversary. To celebrate I am having a month-long sale. Click on the banner for details: I posted my 700th nude on May 15th. Click on the image to go to the post. detail: Also [...]

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Nude of the Day: Best of January 2009

Howdy all! Joel asked me to participate over a month ago but I've been too busy to post anything until now. I have a daily blog, Nude of the Day, where I post sketches and paintings from figure drawing sessions (most of them from Tuesday and Thursday Jazz & Sketch Sessions at the Society of [...]

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