Various works by Laura Hagihara


I must’ve been about ten years old
I must've been about ten  years old

Your Horns Are Showing

Best Friends Forever

The Whole Bed To Myself


Excuse Me?

The Color of the Day Is Red


Laura Hagihara is an emerging artist living in Chicago, IL. She grew up in Lexington, KY, and attended Eastern Kentucky University, where she majored in art studio and received a Bachelor of Arts degree. An avid “people watcher,” she began painting portraits based on photos of friends and strangers while living in New York City for two years following graduation.

Painting substantiates Laura’s endless curiosity about people – who they are, where they’ve been, what they might be thinking, and why. In her recent work, she builds up the surface with thick application of paint and thin glazes, leaving some layers visible and others detectable by texture. The layering adds visual and conceptual depth, acknowledging complex personal histories and untold secrets beneath the surface.

In December 2001, Laura moved from New York to Chicago, where she has shown in alternative spaces and galleries since 2005. In 2007, she cut back hours at her day job and has since been developing skills towards pursuit of a painting career.

You can learn more about Laura Hagihara and view additional work through the following sites: – Laura Hagihara’s official website – Chicago Artists’ Coalition

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    Such incredible work Laura, we are so happy to have you onboard! – Joel

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