Various works by Douglas R. Graves

As you’ve probably noticed, I tend to embellish a little more about certain artists in my blog than others. Although every artist I post about are ones I have unbridled respect and admiration for, there are those who have made a considerable contribution to my development as an artist. Douglas R. Graves is definitely one of these artists.

I’ve always considered Douglas’s writings not only inspiring but also undeniably helpful. In times when I have struggled to understand specific ideas in the subject of figurative art, his words as well as his work have really helped me throughout some of my most frustrating times. I credit this man with truly helping me push through boundaries I thought I’d never get past. If you’ve never had the opportunity to appreciate his work, stop by your local book store and check it out.

The images above are from his book “Life Drawing in Charcoal” which contain invaluable information for any artist looking to get the most out their artistic anatomy and figurative artwork.

Additional material of Douglas R. Graves can be found here.

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