Life Drawing Artistic Anatomy/Ecorche Workshop with Andrew Ameral

Life Drawing Artistic Anatomy/Ecorche* Workshop

*Ecorche (ekorshay): French, meaning ‘to flay’

I am looking for Bay Area artists/art students who would like to expand their knowledge of artistic anatomy and develop their ability to render the human form. This intensive course I offer will involve weekly in depth lectures and sculpting the ecorche figure in clay. The class size will be kept small. Each student can count on recieving the necessary individual attention needed to help them with their interpretation and understanding of this complicated subject.

Students enrolled will be required to complete numerous anatomical drawings. Students will also have the opportunity to apply the information given in class drawing from a live model weekly. Sound academic techniques I learned and taught at the Florence Academy of Art will also be introduced throughout.

This course is excellent for painters, sculptors, illustrators, and digital artists who are passionate for the human form and looking to improve their understanding. This course is open to all advanced and beginning students who want to improve.

For more information, please go to my website: (Check out the “Anatomy/Ecorche” and “Classes” sections)

Or email me at:

This course begins March 17, 2009 and will be conducted at a private studio located here in the Bay Area.

I was the Director of Anatomy at the Florence Academy of Art in Florence, Italy were I taught Anatomy, Ecorche, Painting, and Drawing for six years.

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