The Gnomon Workshop now sells Freedom of Teach’s Artist Model and Reference Busts and is pleased to be able to offer them at 10% off for one week only.

Freedom of Teach’s Artist Model is the finest anatomical figure available at a desktop size. Used by animators, modelers, concept artist and medical professionals it is THE tool you need to become a better artist.

The Reference Busts are a new way to help you understand the human form. They simplify and clarify the complexities of looking at a live model and create a foundation for your art to grow.

“Good reference is an integral part of the sculpting process here at the Weta Workshop. This anatomical study model has become a valuable addition to the materials that our sculptors use in their daily work.”- Richard Taylor, Oscar & BFTA award winner, Head of Weta Workshop ltd & one of the original founders of Weta

So, order today and use Coupon code FOT109 to save 10%.

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